Chapter Four- Tourette’s- April 6th 2018 9.07pm

Why do some people with Tourette’s use curse words?

I’ve been watching a series on Netflix about people with disabilities finding love and trying to date. One of the episodes has a young male with Tourette’s, which tends to get worse under stress. He suffers from tics and swears profusely. I do feel for him, because it is something that cannot be controlled.

But what I’m wondering is why do people who suffer from Tourette’s yell out curse words? I mean curse words are great! Who doesn’t love a good shit, fuck, cunt? I know I do!

I wonder why it’s not people names or like inanimate objects?

*wandering down the street* ‘Toast, toast, toasters.. ceiling fannnnsssss *keeps wandering*

‘foc…foc… focaccia’ s with cheeeeeeeseeee’ staring extremely intently to his date ‘….are delicious, don’t you think?’ *takes a sip of water embarrassed*

Note: Involuntary swearing from Tourette’s is called Coprolalia and only 10% suffer from this. There is still no answer to why it is swear words, but could have something to do with being startled from the oncoming tic or could be a psychological problem. (I’d be pissed off too, with something I couldn’t be in control of…just saying).



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