On Writing for a Living (or How I Didn’t Become a Writer)

InkBlots and IceBergs

Once upon a time, I was a girl who dreamed of becoming a writer—that is, for the purposes of this post, one I will define as someone who does writing as a fulltime profession, or at least has published a book.

Since the time I was about 10 y.o., I had been an active campus journalist. I was editor-in-chief of our school publication in both my elementary and high school years. I competed in numerous essay-writing and journalism contests, and in the course of it have received several writing awards. My proudest accomplishment was placing second in the feature-writing category of the country’s premier competition for student journalists, the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC).

To my young mind, all that was a pretty big deal. See, when you’re a child tossed in a sea of innumerable other faces in the arena called school, you try to figure out what…

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