Chapter Thirty Three- Does a Photo Really Speak a Thousand Words?- 8th June 2018 12.36pm

I am OBSESSED with makeup tutorials and beauty gurus on YouTube. I can not get enough of them.

It started with Jeffree Star, then Manny MUA, then NikkieTutorials and now James Charles.

James is the newest and youngest ‘beauty guru’ that I have ever followed. His looks are really amazing, but today I watched a video called ‘Facetuning My Followers Selfies’.

Now at this point, I had never heard of Facetune or of Facetuning… and I’m a little pissed.

I always thought these amazing photos that are uploaded on the daily were all thanks to lighting, concept and maybe a filter. Makeup is their career, so I would expect their photos to be unaltered.

But nope. Don’t be fooled.

The photos are ALL altered.

How can you make a living, selling your face and your skill to your followers, yet every single one of these has been altered in some way or another?

We watch because we are wanting to learn and become more confident in our own skills and in our appearance.

Now I did download the app, I wanted to see how much I could alter a makeup free face and how long it would take.

This is the photo I started with, taken at about 11.00am this morning. Pimples and all.


Now this is the altered pictured.


I covered my pimples, and the hole from piercing on my top lip.

I thinned the sides of my nose.

I stretched my right eye, to try and match my left eye which is lightly bigger.

I reshaped my lips to appear bigger.

Brightened and whitened my eyes.

Smoothed my skin (except the under eye, as each time it made my eyes look like butter)…

…and after all that, I applied a filter to make my skin less red.

All this in under 15 minutes.


This is super scary knowing the people I follow are not being truthful with me. These people are absolutely beautiful, and they STILL edit their photos.

James edited one of his photos which I did not see anything wrong with, at the end of the video below, which took him 20 minutes. If someone as beautiful as him feels like he has to edit before uploading, then what confidence do the rest of us have?



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